Registration dates will be published in the parish bulletin.All families with children registered in the Religious Education Program should register in the parish.

Requirements for Registration of New Students:
  • § Completion of a registration form for each child enrolled in our program, including medical emergency information.
  • § Baptismal Certificate and First Communion Certificate (when applicable)
  • § Previous records if child attended aReligious Education Program in a different parish
The Coordinator will contact you if any information is missing.

Tuition and Fees:We ask parents to contribute a fee set each year per child to meet our expenses, the costs of educational materials, supplies, copier, etc.Our Religious Education budget is met by the parish.Please be generous with this in mind.We may ask for specific contributions for materials in addition to the fee. No child will ever be turned away for monetary reasons.

Class Placement: - Parish Religious Education Programs are preparation for life as a practicing Catholic.We follow these directives of the Archdiocese of New York.
  • § The students are expected to attend Religious Education classes continuously from grade 1 through 8.
  • § In order to be eligible to receive First Communion, students must complete two years of the Religious Education Program. and be in the second grade.
  • § In order to receive confirmation, students should be in the 8th grade and have attended three years of religious education classes continuously.
  • § Students will be placed in age-appropriate classes.Students who have not received First CSommunion who are older than second grade may be placed in an age-appropriate class and required to attend extra sessions in order to receive the sacrament.
  • § Any child who stops attending Religious Education Program after receiving First Communion may be required to complete the curriculum missed when re-entering the program.
  • § The placement of the student is determined by the Coordinator after consulting with the parent.
  • §
Student Transfer - If a student leaves the program before the completion of the catechetical year or at the end of the catechetical year, please advise the Coordinator to facilitate the transfer of records to the new parish catechetical program that the child/children will be attending.


Contact information: Please make sure we have all the correct phone numbers in case the Catechist or Coordinator needs to contact you, especially during class in the event of an emergency.We frequently use email to communicate with parents.Please let us know if you do not check your email (so that we will call.) We also want to make this experience as meaningful as possible and hope to be accessible for your concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator at any time.

If you need to contact anyone working in the program, use the contact information in this handbook or leave a message at the rectory.

Parent/Catechist Conferences:Catechists will be available regularly to discuss each student’s progress, including class participation, achievements, knowledge of prayers and behavior. Please don’t expect to have those conversations during class when the catechist needs to focus on students.

Parent Meetings:Parent meetings will take place for all parents whose children are preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation throughout the year. Two family workshops will be held each year in accordance with archdiocesan mandates. All are expected to attend.

Calendar A calendar will be published and distributed in September.The program will make every effort to provide timely information if there are deviations from the published calendar.

Cancellation of Classes/Events: Every attempt will be made to contact families by phone in the event of a cancellation.If you have questions, please contact the Coordinator.

Visitors: According to the Archdiocesan Safe Environment guidelines, visitors are not permitted during class time.


Medical Emergency Procedures (in case of accidentor illness): If a relatively minor accident occurs to a student while attending the catechetical program, the Catechist will address the problem, notify the Coordinator and write a report.

In case of serious accident or illness:Appropriate medical care will be sought immediately, including calling 911 or the local police/emergency rescue squad, and notifying parent; if parent cannot be reached, the Coordinator follows instructions on the Student Information Record.

Fire drills will be held occasionally. If a serious emergency that requires evacuation occurs, we will take the children to wait across the street (on Morningside Drive), or, if necessary, to Broadway Presbyterian Church on 114th and Broadway.


Students who do not satisfactorily complete the course of study at each grade level or do not attend the required number of catechetical sessions may be required to repeat the grade level course.This is at the sole discretion of the Coordinator.

First Communion and First Reconciliation (Confession):

Students make First Reconciliation either in their first or second year in the program, usually in May, depending on their maturity.This is a prerequisite for First Communion. We ask you to help them prepare by talking with them about responsibility and help them to develop an active prayer life and relationship with God.

First Communion takes place at the main parish mass at 11:30 in June.We will assess each child for readiness in the spring months before and talk with you about your child’s progress.

We bring the children monthly to the 11:30 mass so they are familiar with its format (which is slightly more formal than some of the other masses).Girls wear white dresses; veils are not required.Boys may wear white or other formal clothing.A white tie and armband will be provided.Families sit together in designated pews. We ask that any photography is sensitive to the ceremony as a parish worship ceremony.No flash photography will be permitted.

After the ceremony we have a small reception with cake for the students.

Some years, the following week we visit the mass in the nursing home, with the students in their First Communion clothing.The nursing home residents enjoy seeing the students!Sometimes parents have the students bring flowers or other small gifts the residents.