We are expected by the Archdiocese to test our children on their knowledge, to monitor student growth and effectiveness of our program. Rather than written assessments, we usually test our students through formal and informal conversations, although some formal written tests or interviews may occur. If a child does not fulfill grade level requirements, a meeting will be arranged with the parents, the Catechist, and the Coordinator of Religious Education to discuss the situation.The Coordinator of Religious Education will decide if the child needs to repeat the year.(Please inform us of known academic issues; no child will be penalized, for example, for reading deficiencies or other identified challenges.)

Warning Notices

Academic warning:If a student is not working to one’s potential, a deficiency notice will be sent home to parents, advising them of the situation.We hope that as a team we can work to help the student use the class time effectively.

Behavioral warning:Rules are made to ensure the greatest convenience for the greatest number.While every child is, of course, a child, discipline will be at the discretion of the Catechist and Coordinator.Continued infractions may necessitate that a student be removed from class temporarily. At the discretion of the Coordinator or pastor, students who do not cooperate may be removed.


Absentee Policy:Please considerate of our hardworking Catechists and make every effort not to miss class. We understand that family events, sickness and unexpected events happen.Missing 5 classes (4 for sacramental classes) may result in a student’s repeating the grade level.We are frequently asked to accommodate other regular obligations, such as swimming lessons, sports events and other classes.We consider your child’s lifelong religious foundation our priority and encourage you to do the same.We will attempt to provide opportunities for one or two make up classes, depending on need and availability of Catechists. Please call the Religious Education Coordinator if your child cannot attend class.

Arrival/Dismissal:Please be prompt upon arriving at 9:30.Late arrivals disrupt the class and distract other children; it becomes a burden on the Catechists as well. If your child is habitually late, the tardiness will be counted as an absence at the discretion of the Coordinator.

Supervision:It is essential that all students be supervised when they are in the building.Please be considerate. We ask parents to volunteer as an extra set of eyes and ears.


Student Behavior:Every student who attends the Religious Education Program is expected to cooperate in the maintenance of the building where classes are held as well as its grounds.The behavior expected from students is a combination of common courtesy and safety considerations.

We ask students to bring their best selves to the program: to respect others, the space and the program.They are asked to be serious in approaching the process of catechesis.

While in the church, rectory or Merton Center, common sense should apply, as well as due respect for the sanctuary, the Catechists, parents and other students.The Catechists and Coordinator will deal with any inappropriate conduct.If you have concerns, please share them with the Catechist and Coordinator.We realize every child is a child, however, students will be held responsible for their conduct. Repeated infractions may be cause for dismissal.The parents will receive notice of any significant actions.