Our Annual Epiphany or Three Kings party will be on this Sunday January 4 during our usual class time. We will have, as before, food, a blessing activity, craft activities, graham cracker/icing houses, and a gift exchange as well as singing of Christmas and Epiphany songs. Feel free to bring guests. It is a wonderful opportunity to share your faith and love of neighbor. If you have talents to share or ideas for activities, please let me know!

Please assist us in making this event delightful. Specifically we ask each famly bring
  • o something for the gift exchange. If it is wrapped, please indicate who it would be appropriate for. These should be inexpensive, so don’t let this be a burden. We have some things left over from previous years however, but they mostly are not gifts children wanted
  • o something for the graham cracker houses including
    • § commercial icing (any flavor)
    • § small candies or other decorations (m&ms, gumdrops, candy canes, anything that would look cute on icing)
    • § ice cream cones
  • o something for the refreshments including
    • § milk (for the hot chocolate)
    • § plastic cups
    • § festive food (especially something less sweet, such as cheese, since the children will probably be eating some of the candy)
  • o we can also use paper plates, shopping bags (to carry the creations home) and baby wipes for cleanup
  • o wrapping paper

This event also relies heavily on parent participation. It is not required but your presence adds a lot.

I’m attaching a link to a google form http://goo.gl/forms/81APykAylx to help us with planning. I will also send it as a separate email in case you have difficulties with the google form(see below as well). You should also be able to view responses on our wiki

Form Responses