Welcome to Notre Dame's Religious Education Program.

We serve children of the parish of the Church of Notre Dame, Manhattan, from grades 1 and up. .

Classes begin Sunday September 17, 2017 at 9:30 am in the Merton Center.

Registration fee for the year: $60, with a $15 additional fee for students who will be celebrating First Communion or Confirmation this year. Registration is ongoing. You can register here: registration form.

Join us with this year's theme: Living as Missionary Disciples. We invite you to evangelize everywhere you go, as the apostles did, especially in our loving actions and behavior that others in our worlds see.
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First Communion 2015

Wordle: incarnation

Contact us by leaving a message with the church's office: 212-866-1500.
Check it out! Sacred Space, a guided scripture-based meditation site from the Irish Jesuits. (link opens in a new window)

Class Notes
Religious Education Classes at Notre Dame
  • No class on February 15, President's Day Weekend
    A reminder that no classes will be held on Sunday February 15.
  • First class September 21
    Our first class will be September 21, 2014. Our theme this year will be human dignity. Using the incarnation and resurrection as a lens, family workshops will focus on the implications of dignity to the self (November 16) and to others (March 8).To highlight some of the changes we are putting into place this year:flipping the group meeting to the end, so students will come into their individual classes.downscaling our snack in the interest of making sure we have more instructional timeadding ...
  • Growing in Faith poster project: Everything we say in the mass comes from the Bible
    The Growing in Faith class made a series of posters with the overall caption: "Mass: Everything we say comes from the Bible."first in the seriessecond in the seriesthird in the seriesfourth in the seriescloseupcloseupas displayed in church
  • 2013-2014 coming to a close
    Our year is coming to a close.  Our last class will be next week, June 8.First Communion will be held on Father's Day, June 15 during the 11:30 mass. We have, by my count, nine students who will receive their First Communion that day. I will send another email with more specific information to the families involved. I'd like to ask for your help in making this a wonderful day. The French Community had their First Communion today and the church looked very pretty.  Maybe a ...
  • Crowning ceremony
    The Religious Education program will lead the annual Crowning of the Virgin Mary statue in our parish garden this Sunday, May 10, Mother's Day, after the 11:30 mass.Last year we had an expanded ceremony, with roles for the enrolled students, but St. Luke's Hospital was doing work and had an outside generator running. It was so noisy that no one could hear anything. The children's little voices--which I could hear slightly from a foot away--were completely drowned out. It didn't matter though,...
  • Snack schedule is now available on the wiki
    We have the snack schedule for the rest of the year. Each week has two families. We hope each family will coordinate with the other family as an opportunity to build more community. If anyone needs to switch, please ask another family.  Also, as one child has a documented nut allergy, please avoid nuts if possible.You can find it here:  http://notredameccd.wikispaces.com/snack+schedule
  • Monthly Mass with classes
    We had a great turnout for our monthly mass with class this week. Our students did all the readings, brought up the gifts and read the prayers of the faithful.We won't do this again until February though, because December 1st falls on the Thanksgiving weekend, and January 5th is our Epiphany party.
  • Mass with class
    Today the students came with their teachers for mass as a group.  We had fourteen in our group, and the celebrating priest acknowledged the children to the congregation, saying their attendance serves as an excellent model for all of us.Isn't that always true? That a child shall lead them?I continue to be inspired by the faith of my students.  Thank you for making this program a vibrant community.These masses are on the first Sunday of every month.  
  • Welcome Students! with some FAQs
    Our first class for 2013-2014 was on Sunday September 22.  We had some new students and a number of returning students. Next week family handbooks will be distributed.  Thank you to all who paid the fees in full. Reminders will go out to those who have not, or who need to register or provide baptismal certificates.The first mass we expect to take the children to will be on October 6.I had a conversation yesterday with a prospective student.  Let me summarize it.Classes have alr...

Religious Education at Notre Dame
  • Lenten Fasting and Feasting
    Fast from judging othersFast from emphasis on differencesFast from apparent darknessFast from thoughts of illnessFast from words that polluteFast from discontentFast from angerFast from pessimismFast from worryFast from complainingFast from negativesFast from unrelenting pressuresFast from hostilityFast from bitternessFast from self-concernFast from personal anxietyFast from discouragementFast from facts that depressFast from lethargyFast from thoughts that weakenFast from shadows of sorrowFast from idle gossipFast from problems that overwhelmFEAST  Feast on the Christ dwelling in them  Feast on the unity of life  Feast on the reality of light  Feast on the healing power of God  Feast on phrases that purify  Feast on gratitude  Feast on patience  Feast on optimism  Feast on divine order  Feast on appreciation  Feast on affirmatives  Feast on unceasing prayer  Feast on non-resistance  Feast on forgiveness  Fe...
  • St. Teresa of Avila's words and the mountains near Avila:
  • From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, quoting St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas:We all want to live happily; in the whole human race there is no one who does not assent to this proposition, even before it is fully articulated.How is it, then, that I seek you, Lord? Since in seeking you, my God, I seek a happy life, let me seek you so that my soul may live, for my body draws life from my soul and my soul draws life from you.God alone satisfies.
  • We recognize people through the altar
    This picture shows that we are community and how we recognize people "through the altar, " or the altar where the most important things happen.I found this today from an unknown student, probably drawn five years ago or more, possibly from even earlier. Not only is the artwork beautiful but also the language is powerful.What might We recognize people through the altar mean?Could it mean,through the sacrifice of the mass we see our humanity in Christ and then recognize it in the community?This student (and I taught 8-, 9- and 10-year olds) expressed a deep understanding of how community expresses our deepest selves.It may have a different meaning too that I would love to know.
  • Where's my sword?
    I used to look at the sword tucked under the arm of the Joan of Arc statue at church and wonder "Where's my sword?" I thought I needed a champion or a sword or some kind of weapon in the world I perceived as hostile.Yesterday, looking at the statue, I saw it meant something else. The sword is tucked under her arm because she isn't using it. She doesn't need it: she has an army; she has armor; she has inspiration. A call from God. From our distance, maybe the details don't matter. She had an idea (she was given an idea?) that took her over, and she armored herself in it. People followed her.There is what I saw: the best sword is an idea, and other people.Yesterday in church I was surrounded by love as the children in the program made their First Communion. The families, our team, the congregation, all of us in aggregate were an army of love.And I had my sword. Instead of doing battle, we can march forward as a loving, building community. There are days (like yesterday...
  • A culture of welcome
    We live our belief through the lens of our experience. Because of our past, we may find religion comforting or discomforting. We may find ritual affirming, or it may occur for us as a dreary grind. What we notice in our religious observance generally falls into categories, and we dwell on one aspect, which may be a different aspect than what someone else dwell on. In the simplest example, some people find in the risen Christ, the king and judge, and others find in Him the gentle friend. Some notice majesty; some notice radical humility.I was very affected by my time in the Episcopal community through St. John the Divine. For many years, I was an usher for the congregation, and for the large important ceremonies, we would have an orientation. One topic that has stayed with me all these years was the head of security there discussing how to deal with potentially dangerous people. (In the years after 9/11/2001, the Cathedral was on the top ten list of potential bombing targets, so we ...