First Communion FAQ:

When is it?
Usually in early June, on a Sunday, at the 11:30 mass. This changes year to year, based on the liturgical calendar and other program considerations.

Are there dress requirements?
Girls wear white dresses (no veils). Boys wear white ties. A jacket or white suit is optional. Candidates should be dressed to reflect the solemnity of the ceremony.
What does my child need to know?
Students should understand the nature of the sacrament. Student should also be familiar with the Ten Commandments (and be able to apply them to situations in their lives) and the sacraments.

Is there a test?
We assess students in an ongoing way through conversation during the program. The pastor may interview candidates as well.

Will the family sit together?
Usually each family has a pew, and the students sit on the aisle with the family.

Who can I invite? Is there a limit?
We can usually accommodate your guests for this joyful occasion. If you anticipate an issue, please talk to the Coordinator.

What about photography?
Photography is fine unless it interferes with the liturgy. Please refrain from using flash during the ceremony. Individual and group photos are fine before and after the ceremony.